Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

How does this system/website work?
This system/website allows you to quickly find others travelling your way so you can decide to share the journey. Simply register your details, confirm your start location and desired destination on the map and add your journey details. Then simply click on the 'search for matches' button and matches will be displayed instantly. Once you've decided on a suitable match you can make secure contact through the website and send a 'request to share'. Your request to share can then be accepted and journey sharing begins.


What and who is Findalift?
Findalift is the first implementer of specialized ridesharing tools and also the largest rideshare network in South Africa. We are working with your establishment to provide you with an easy and secure way of finding others travelling your direction. Findalift is a social enterprise: Mission-driven rather than profit-driven. That's why it is free to join!

We help people make better use of the empty seats in their cars by sharing their journeys. Our online platform automatically matches individuals together by taking into account their direction of travel, time of travel, etc. to instantly match relevant journeys. By sharing a journey you can save money, reduce CO2, reduce congestion and travel safer.

We are able to finance our free services by providing individual rideshare systems to businesses, universities and other defined communities � assisting them with parking problems, reducing local congestion and pollution and saving them money in the process. makes it very easy to share any car journey.
How can I set up a system for my company?
Please visit our dedicated business section for more information

My Safety

Is it safe to use this system/website?
This is a private group. A private group ensures that only members from your establishment have access to the system. This creates a trusted environment for ridesharing to take place. When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety. We do recommend that members follow the guidelines in our Stay Safe Tips
How can I ensure maximum safety when sharing a lift?
The safety of our members is a priority. Every member is responsible for his or her own safety, however we have a few safety tips that all our members should consider when deciding on a lift partner. Please review our stay safe section for more information.
What have you done to make this website safe and secure?
All members' details are stored securely in the database and only the member's intended travel information can be accessed on-line.


What is ridesharing?
Ridesharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together.
Why should I consider sharing my journey?
There are many benefits to sharing your journey
  • Significant cost savings if petrol costs are split
  • Improved work-life balance by ensuring you leave work on time
  • "Do your bit" for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Help reduce local congestion
  • Travel more securely by having someone close by if anything goes wrong
  • Totally reduce the need for a private car
What is the cost of ridesharing?
Using this system is totally free, however members will usually agree to split the costs involved in their journey. It is up to members to agree on all costs involved before starting to travel together. Please note that it is illegal to make a profit from ridesharing.
Do I need to own a car to use this system?
No. Whether you are a driver, a passenger or simply interested in finding an alternative way to get about this site is for you.
Are there any insurance implications of car sharing?
  • You are not allowed to make a profit from carpooling, can invalidate insurance
  • You could qualify for lower insurance premium if you're in an alternating carpool
  • Understand which vehicles are going to be used and how - Then contact your insurer
  • Some insurers might put carpooling in a higher risk bracket - Contact your insurer
  • In case of accident passengers cannot claim from car owner - must claim from Road Accident Fund (
  • Visit for terms of what is covered and what the claims process entails
  • The ideal situation - Carpool via an alternate driver arrangement where no money exchanges hands
Insurers providers will consider:
  • Whether or not you receive payment from your passengers
  • If another motorist is driving your vehicle on a regular basis
  • The number of occupants being regularly transported as part of your carpool
  • Insurance providers views differ, contact yours to fully understand your implications
What are the legal implications of ridesharing and what are my responsibilities?
If you are thinking of forming a lift club, you should ensure the lift club is legal under the National Land Transport Act 5 of 2009 (NLTA) and the Road Accident Fund (RAF) Act of 1996. It is of course important that both drivers and the vehicles to be used comply with all the normal legalities and conditions in terms of insurance, vehicle licensing, driver licensing and vehicle maintenance. However the following is a summary of what you need to be particularly aware of:
  1. Lift club drivers can recoup the costs of petrol from their fellow passengers as long as the costs are split evenly and there is no profit involved. If you are charging to make a profit, then you would need to apply for both an operating licence (OL) for your car from your local Public Transport Authority (for more information call 021 483 0294/0218.) You would also have to apply for a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) at any driving licence testing centre or download forms and information from the electronic national administration traffic information system (eNaTiS). Visit
  2. The NLTA notes in Section 69 on Lift Clubs: "...the requirement that written confirmation from the employer or other documentation must be kept in the vehicle..." According to the NLTA's Legal Department other documentation could also be a letter drawn up by Lift Club members verifying that they are indeed members of the Lift Club.
  3. In terms of the RAF, lift clubs fall under the category of "Liability limited in certain cases." This limits the RAF, under Section 18.1(a), " the sum of R25 000 in respect of any bodily injury or death of any one such person who at the time of the occurrence... was being conveyed in or on the motor vehicle concerned... (iv) for the purposes of a lift club..."
  4. Requirements relating to insurance must also be in order (as stated in 69(c) of the NLTA. Insurance implications vary from service provider to service provider. If you are providing a vehicle for a lift club, please check requirements according to the insurance company through which you insure yourself and your vehicle. Please also check the terms and conditions should another member of the lift club drive your vehicle.
Source: City of Cape Town, travel Smart

My account

Why do you ask for personal information at registration?
The site offers free, voluntary registration to users. We use any information given by users to enhance their experience by providing interactive or personalized elements on your rideshare group/system based on the interests of its users.
Will my personal information be visible to other members?
No. The only information that is visible to other users is your name, your age range, your gender and the journey details you added.
Will you share my personal information with anyone else?
No. We do not share individually identifiable information about specific users with any third party without prior consent from the user.
How can I update my personal information?
You can update your personal information by logging into your account and by clicking on the Settings tab.
How do I remove my account?
Log into your account and visit the Settings page
What is a Private Restricted Group?
This is a group that has been created for a specific organization or community that only specific people can join (e.g. employees of a specific company). Restriction can be done by means of password or email address ending (e.g. Being a member of a Private Restricted Group means that your first search for a match will only look for other members within your group. Members of a private restricted group will then have an additional option to search the national public network to increase their options.


Why do you ask for my date of birth?
This is to allow a member to broaden or narrow his search when an advanced search is performed. Your date of birth is never shown, only your year of birth.
Do I have to supply my telephone number?
No it is not mandatory. However if you prefer to be telephoned by another member please supply your telephone number.
I have created my account, what now?
Once you have clicked on the activation link that was sent to your registered email address you are ready to explore the system and start by creating your first journey.
I have not received an activation key, what now?
To request another activation key please follow and enter the email address you used during registration. A new activation link will be emailed to you.

Creating a Journey

I cannot find my start location when I enter it into the provided box, what now?
Simply drag your marker on the online map and drop it on your desired location. A box will pop up to display the address of that specific location. Click on use this location to confirm your location and to move onto selecting your destination.
Alternatively scroll down and click on + add a place to the map
I cannot find my destination when I enter it into the provided box, what now?
Simply drag your marker on the online map and drop it on your desired destination. A box will pop up to display the address of that specific location. Click on use this location to confirm your destination and to move onto the Journey Details page.
Alternatively scroll down and click on + add a place to the map
I have created my journey. What do I do now?
Click on the search for matches button.
Can I edit my journey details at any time?
Yes. Please visit the My Journeys in your account and click on edit journey
How do I deactivate my journey?
Please visit the Journeys page in your account and click on deactivate journey
How do I delete my journey?
Please visit the Journeys page in your account and click on delete journey

Search for matches

How do I search for other journeys that match my journey?
Once you have completely created your journey please click on search for matches and our system will instantly match your journey with other relevant journeys.
I cannot find any matches, what now?
If the match isn't successful, we recommend that you:
  • Try using our advanced search option
  • Wait patiently for someone else to contact you
  • Search for matches again in a few days time when more people have registered

Sharing a Journey

How do I contact another member on the system?
When you have found a match that suits your travelling needs you can contact them by clicking on the 'send a request to share' link. Once you have contacted another member for the first time the member will appear under your Contacts. Once a member is one of your Contacts you can contact him/her by visiting your Messages tab and by choosing to Compose Message
How does a person become one of my contacts?
Once you have contacted another member by sending them a request to share the member will appear under your contacts.
Will the member see my personal details when I contact him?
No. The only information that is visible to other users is your findalift username, your age range, your gender and the journey details you added.
Why do you ask me to confirm if I am sharing a journey with someone?
It assists us in evaluating the success your system/website and aids as an additional safety measure. If your establishment offers incentives to those who rideshare, this is also a measure to confirm if you are indeed sharing and thus eligible for incentives.
How do I start to share my journey with another member?
The member that is being contacted with the journey request will have to confirm that you are sharing by clicking on the please let us know if you are sharing a journey with "other username" link
How do I stop sharing a journey?
Simply click on stop sharing on the My Journeys page