Safety tips

Findalift's journey-matching platform connects drivers and passengers securely. Ensuring you stay safe is very important to us. We have made our system as secure as possible and personally identifiable information about you is never visible to anyone or shared with a 3rd party without your permission.

Every member is responsible for his or her own safety, however Findalift has various tips on how to ensure maximum safety when deciding to share your journey:


  • Meet in a public place the first time you meet your potential travel partner
  • Show each other proof of your identity (ID, passport, drivers license) to ensure you are meeting the correct person
  • Tell a friend or family member about your new travel partner and the details of your journey


  • Do not exchange home addresses before you meet a potential travel partner
  • Do not travel together if you have any doubts about your potential travel partner

Will other members be able to see your email address?

No never! The only information other members will see is your name, your gender and the journey details you added. You can rest assure that your personal details are never shown to other members.